Dear Doctors,

Health Informatics Society of Sri Lanka (HISSL) has been in the forefront of introducing new digital health practices to Sri Lanka since 1998. The objective of this is to help doctors’ to provide optimum care to the Sri Lankan public.

Telehealth is the delivery of health care at a distance using telecommunication technologies. Telehealth includes both preventive and curative aspects of healthcare delivery. In an effort to identify existing telehealth programmes and encourage proper regularised expansion of telehealth services throughout Sri Lanka, it was decided to conduct a web-based survey.

The questionnaire can be accessed online by clicking the following link:

This research is done by a MD trainee in Health Informatics and done in collaboration with the Health Informatics Society of Sri Lanka (HISSL).  This survey has been approved by the PGIM ethics review committee under No.ERC-PGIM-2018-51.
The main aims of this survey are to identify Sri Lankan telehealth needs, main features of existing telehealth programs in Sri Lanka and identify barriers to telehealth program development and expansion. Please take a few minutes to share your insights with us. The questionnaire is anonymous for telehealth clients and professionals (end users) and does not include any details that divulge your identity. The information shall be aggregated and help policymakers understand the telehealth needs of Sri Lanka and develop a framework for regulation and expansion.
We will be grateful if you can spend about 10 minutes of your time to fill this anonymous questionnaire.

Please read the information following before you proceed:
Your participation in this study is voluntary. You are free to not participate at all or to withdraw from the study at any time without filling the information on the online Questionnaire. As the questionnaire is anonymous, confidentiality of all records is guaranteed and no information by which you can be identified will be released or published. These data will never be used in such a way that you could be identified in any way in any public presentation or publication.
This questionnaire was prepared by Dr.G.Kulatunga as part of his research for the MD in Health Informatics at the PGIM which is being supervised by me.  You can contact Dr.Kulatungaat if you wish to ask any questions.

Please follow the instructions given with each question when filling the questionnaire. There are three types of questions :
1.      Questions to select the most appropriate single best answer from a list.
2.       Questions to select the select one or more answers.
3.       Questions to type your answer in the cage given.
You are able to navigate forwards and backwards checking the accuracy of the answers and then click on the Submit button which is at the bottom of the questionnaire. Please note that all mandatory questions which are marked in red astrix (*) should be answered to submit the questionnaire.

Thank you

Vajira H. W. Dissanayake (MBBS, PhD, FNASSL)
Chairperson Speciality Board in Biomedical Informatics- PGIM, President HISSL