oDoc has partnered with eChannelling to create the smartest way to channel your doctor in Sri Lanka. Book an appointment with over 2000 doctors in just 3 taps. Download the oDoc app and get started now.

Channelling One Click Book

One Click Book

No more repeatedly entering your particulars and payment details each time you want to see a doctor.

Channelling Discount

25% Off Total Bill

You will save 25% of your total bill (including doctor and hospital charges) by booking through oDoc.

Channelling Smart Search

Smart Search

Intelligent aggregation and sorting makes finding the correct appointment for you far easier.

Channelling Video

Free Video Follow Up*

Booking your appointment with oDoc will entitle you to a free video call follow-up with the same doctor!

*This is valid for all doctors that are currently available for video consultations on oDoc.

Choose your Doctor

Find your doctor on the oDoc app under the "eChannelling"

Select Time & Hospital

Use our list view to choose when and where you would like to have your appointment.

Receive Confirmation

After booking you will get an SMS with your appointment details & eChannelling reference number.

Visit the Doctor

Visit your doctor at the place and time you just booked. Take your eChannelling reference number with you!

eChannelling is the largest doctor channelling network in Sri Lanka, with 200+ Hospitals Island-Wide, 2000+ eChannelling outlets, and 4500+ specialist doctors. Thousands of appointments are booked each day using the eChannelling system due to its ease, convenience, and wide reach.


The partnership between oDoc and eChannelling now makes booking your hospital appointment easier and even more convenient. Our Smart Search and One Click Book functionality allow you to find and book the correct appointment for you in a matter of seconds. Further, our intuitive booking interface will make finding and booking your appointment a breeze.


You can now book both your video and physical consultations on the same platform, making managing your health and the health of your loved ones easier than ever before. To get started, download the oDoc app here.

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