Getting your health checked often is important. In addition to alerting you to problems before they become serious, they also help you build your lifestyle in a healthy, sustainable way.


An oDoc Complete Lifestyle Review will allow you to have your health examined holistically by one of the nation’s leading family physicians. Furthermore, you will receive tailored advice on how to live your life as healthily as possible


The Complete Lifestyle Review is completely free for first time oDoc users, oDoc subscribers & their families, and for oDoc corporate subscribers & their families (subject to package).

Stay healthy, all things considered

Your oDoc Complete Lifestyle Review will encompass the following areas (and many more) :

An analysis of your current eating habits & suggestions moving forward

Sustainable sleep schedules are important in maintaining good health

Smoking and alcohol use
Unhealthy addictions have adverse health effects, and need to be corrected

Customise your current regimen to achieve the results you want

Stress management
A healthy mind is as important as a healthy body

Age related conditions
As you get older, it is important to get checked up more often

Ready to see how you’re doing?

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