How it works

See a doctor within minutes. No traffic. No waiting rooms. No queues.Just convenience and great healthcare.


About Video Consultations

Video consultations are very much like the doctor consultations you have experienced already.

Your doctor would ask you your age, allergies and previous conditions. You would then discuss the symptoms you have been experiencing, for how long and whether those symptoms are getting better or worse.

The American Medical Association has found that 75% of regular doctor visits could be concluded effectively through video consultations just like these.

All doctors on oDoc are SLMC registered and have at least 5 years of post-internship experience and during your video consultation would be happy to answer any questions you have about your condition and about video consultations.

Diagnosis over oDoc

If your doctor feels they have enough information to diagnose you through these questions and by observing you over video your doctor would explain your condition to you and, if medically required, issue a prescription to your phone bearing the doctor’s seal and signature.

What if I need to see the doctor physically?

If your doctor feels you need to be physically examined to be diagnosed your doctor would inform you of this and not charge you for your video consultation.

In these situations, oDoc still pays the doctor for his or her time as we feel doctors should be paid for the time they put into seeing patients on our app.

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