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We want you to understand what data we collect and how we use it.
When you use oDoc, you give us access to your data. We want to be transparent about what we collect, and how we use it to make our range of digital healthcare services work better. We follow the National eHealth Guidelines and Standards issued by the Ministry of Health of Sri Lanka on patient data privacy.

The main types of data we collect are:
Who you are
When you register with our service, we receive the basic information you provide us with about yourself; like your name, date of birth and email address.

Your medical information
You can see your medical information in the “Visits” section of your app. No medical information is stored on your phone, instead we use secure HIPAA-compliant servers to hold all information about your symptoms, treatments, appointments, medications and procedures.

How you interact with us
When you use our services - for example our video consultation service - we store the medical information you provide (such as the symptoms you provide your doctor). Your doctor may document your appointment, so that you can easily refer these details later.

Data and oDoc services
With your consent, we use data to make oDoc better for all users - to make our services faster, smarter and more useful to you - so the doctors on oDoc can deliver better healthcare. When we use data to learn from, we always remove personal identifiers (such as your name, contact details, etc) to ensure that your privacy is protected.

Data provides your doctor with more information to help them give you with the best care possible.