Save Cost on Medical Claims


At the end of every financial year, while doing budgets for the next year, a lump of HR budget is put aside for medical expenses of employees. 


From multiple doctor visits and loss of productivity, there is a lot of visible and hidden costs involved with planned and unplanned medical incidents. 

Is having a doctor in your sick room throughout all shifts economical?

We don’t think so.

Having a doctor present physically 24/7 may not be as beneficial as you think. Imagine if we say you can replace him/her with a virtual doctor, who will not use up the resources as having a physical doctor. oDoc provides you with a ‘Corporate Package’ of just Rs.35 per employee per month where the worker can consult SLMC registered doctors with at least 5 years’ experience from across the island with just 3 clicks.

On oDoc there is always a virtual doctor awaiting to speak to your employees at just Rs. 35 per employee and no hidden costs.

Starting at just Rs.35 an employee can consult GPs from across India unlimited times thus avoiding multiple trips to the doctor and multiple doctor fees, saving money and time for both you and your employee.

Subscription plan details

Starting at



Access to oDoc from a central terminal & from individual smartphones.

24/7 access to oDoc On-Demand GPs within 3 minutes.

Unlimited video, audio, and text consultations with all GPs and Specialists on the oDoc platform. 

Valid prescriptions containing the doctor’s seal and signature. 

Personalised preventative and curative medical content.

Discounts on medicine delivery & mobile lab services.

All of the above benefits are included for the employee’s entire family too.

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oDoc Subscriptions in Action

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